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She has helped thousands of photographers start, revamp, and totally rock their business …the right way, and the profitable way (which is the most fun way of all)!   

You can find testimonials below of photographers who came to me desperate for help and left with specific, actionable advice that completely transformed their business and their lives.

MarketingMadness is an online, six-week webcourse to help walk you through all of the important aspects to marketing.   From getting you back to basics and through exercises that will stretch your understanding of your clients to creating and implementing strategies efficiently and effectively.

The goal is to get to low-cost or free, yet effective, marketing.
I share all of the how and why I do things in my marketing to build a multi-six figure business.
Week 1: The Foundation
• Developing a business identity
• Formulating the client avatar
• Cultivating the brand
Week 2: Making Your Plan
• Professional research skills
• Analyzing the competition
• Developing a strategy to provide foundation to the plan
• Engaging in a strength/weakness analysis
• Writing and revising the plan
Week 3: Writing For Sales
• Word choice
• Headlines
• Calls to Action
• Presentation
• The Power of Video for sales
• Copywriting Expert Interview
Week 4: Marketing Online
• Social Media Understandings
• Developing a social media strategy •Website userability and experience
• SEO Cookbook
• Blogging for success
 • Email marketing
• Newsletter marketing
• Google analytics analysis
• Watching your audience
Week 5: Marketing Offline
• Creating and cultivating business partnerships
• Client referral programs
• Community involvement
• Publications
• Expos and fairs
• Speaking engagements
• Open houses & client events
Week 6: Legalities
• Referral agreements
• Email/newsletter compliance
• Website legalities
• Commercial licensing
• Using testimonials legally
 • Fair Use Laws
What is included in my self-study enrollment?
Video Lessons– To-the-point videos so you can quickly go through, understand, and absorb the material – given weekly with Study halls built in for maximum impact!

Printable handouts, checklist and worksheets -  …so you know exactly what to do to take action and super-charge your business

On-The-Go Access – You can view all the videos on your smart phone or internet-enabled tablet (So you can take this stuff with you wherever you go, and learn at your convenience!)

Transcripts & Downloads – Plus, you can download full video transcripts and audio files (so you can listen in your car — many folks find this extremely useful to learn faster and retain more)

LifeTime Access –and you’re even getting LIFETIME ACCESS so you can learn at your own pace, without any rush, and you can take a break if something comes up.

Private Community –Inclusion in a private community with other  students and photographers like yourself

Continually Updated Information – New content always being added!

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Come join the other photographers who have cut the madness of marketing! 
I quit my job for photography!
Rachel helped me to put together a sound and legitimate business and marketing plan in my first year in business.  

With her guidance and push, I was able to quit my full-time administrative job to pursue my photography dreams full time, all the while knowing that I could succeed because I had the plan in place.   

Rachel has been the most influential piece of my business owning puzzle, and I’m proud to call her a friend today.  -Katie B.
MM is my secret tool!
MM is my secret tool against competitors!MM breaks down marketing into simple steps so you're doing the right thing at the right time and not expending unnecessary energy but rather focusing on skills often overlooked that can transform any business. 

 I've also found myself enjoying the marketing aspect of business since beginning MM. MM has become my secret tool against my competitors.
 -Emily K.
Enroll in MarketingMadness
Come join the other photographers who have cut the madness of marketing! 
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